Minnesota Escape Room Experiences

We have escape room experiences that range from beginner level to advanced. With each room, we offer a recommendation for the suggested number of players and level of difficulty. 



The marvelous Minnehaha Diamond is missing! The wealthy widow wants to blame the butler—but is something bigger going on at Calhoun Manor? This diamond heist escape room experience will put your detective skills to the test. Will you solve the case? Or will the culprit escape with the diamond? 



Cuckoo's Clock was designed with larger groups in mind, so grab your friends, family, co-workers, and thinking caps! You’ll need put together all your wits to puzzle your way out of this team building escape room experience.


Adventuring archaeologist Professor Minnesota Gunderson has disappeared into the jungle leaving you, his favorite students, behind. Will you be able to solve this jungle temple escape room? Or will you disappear into the annals of the jungle as well?



Returning from a secret mission, the spaceship Viking has crashed on a distant planet. It is up to your team to repair the ship and bring it home before it’s too late! You’ve never experienced an out-of-this-world adventure like this escape room offers.