Ruin Raiders – A Jungle Temple Escape Room

As an avid history buff, you were over the moon when you received an acceptance letter into the class of famous archaeologist, Minnesota Gunderson. His exploits are well-known in the world of archaeology, but it’s his newest quest, the Temple of the Golden Serpent, that’s drawn the professor some extra scrutiny. Amongst the loudest of his critics was Dean Augustus Wornstrom, head of the college that Dr. Gunderson taught at. Finding the mythical Temple of the Golden Serpent was always going to be a longshot, but few expected him to head off alone to try and find it. This immersive temple escape room follows him along this journey.



Adventuring archaeologist Professor Minnesota Gunderson has disappeared into the jungle leaving you, his favorite students, behind. You have one hour to search his office for clues to his whereabouts. Was he just chasing a myth? Or does the legendary Temple of the Golden Serpent really exist? This jungle temple escape room in the greater Minneapolis area will have you scouring through maps and ancient scrolls to uncover the fate of your beloved professor. It’s up to you and your team to determine what the legacy of your professor’s work will be. Will he go down in history as a legendary explorer that unearthed the secrets of a lost temple? Or is he doomed for a legacy as nothing more than a quack who tricked some hapless students into falling for his lies? Solve this temple escape room to find out!


Up to 8 players




Ruin Raiders offers a fantastic blend of challenging puzzles and immersion. We recommend taking on this game in groups of 4 or more. As one of our more immersive rooms, discovering the secrets and exits contained within this immersive jungle temple escape game is going to take wits, quick thinking, and a wide breadth of knowledge. If you’re up for the challenge, bring your friends, family, and co-workers over to Minneapolis to attempt Ruin Raiders together. Put your teamwork to the test today!