Diamond Dilemma – A Diamond Heist Escape Room

It’s late at night. Almost everyone is lying safely in their bed. You yourself have already drifted off to sleep, when suddenly, your phone starts to ring wildly, rousing you from your deep and peaceful slumber. An unfamiliar voice speaks to you over the phone as you pick up the receiver: “I don’t have much time. I’m being framed, but no one will believe me. Come to Calhoun Manor—you can get the story, tell everyone I’m innocent. Please come quickly, you must help me!” Wasting no time, you take off and make your way to the Calhoun Manor. Little do you know, a diamond dilemma awaits you.



The marvelous Minnehaha Diamond is missing! The wealthy widow wants to blame the butler—but is something bigger going on at Calhoun Manor? It’s up to you, the city’s crack team of premier reporters and investigators, to do some snooping and find the real story. Will you be able to sleuth out the truth of the matter? Or perhaps, will you go missing too, just like the diamond itself? There are all sorts of exciting puzzles and challenges that await you within this diamond heist escape room for beginners in Minneapolis. In order to get out, you’ll need not only your own wits but also those of your fellow players. The key to this beginner escape room is teamwork. If you’re going to get out in time, you and your fellow teammates had better exercise your team building skills—and fast. Otherwise, the thief might escape with the jewel forever.


Up to 8 players




Diamond Dilemma is a perfect escape room for beginners, but with a few twists and turns that will test even the most experienced players! Team building has never been more exciting than with this diamond heist escape room. Learn to work closely with your co-workers, friends, family, and more by preventing the culprit from making an escape with the prize gem. Beginner escape rooms like this one are always a great time and are perfect for players of any experience level.